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Triple Check
Triple Check
Triple Check
Triple Check
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Acutis Diagnostics specializes in toxicology confirmation testing to monitor patients on pain medication therapy and in substance abuse programs. We provide a comprehensive menu of tests for therapeutic and illicit drugs and their metabolites. Our tests are performed on Urine and Oral Fluids.

Urine Testing & Oral Fluid Testing

Anytime Access

Our reports are designed to give you the right information in a simplified format without information overload. iAcutis, our online portal, enables clients to receive reports and order tests online.

Right Testing with the Right Information available​ at the Right Time.

Our Promise

Everything we do, we believe, should be to improve patient care. We do this by reliably providing trusted medical insights, simplifying the way we deliver information, going the extra mile to keep our physicians informed, and always keeping ethical practices.

About Acutis Diagnostics

With our headquarters located in East Northport, New York, we use some of the most advanced instrumentation and know-how in toxicology confirmation testing to ensure that we are the local laboratory that you can most trust.

We stand by our confirmation testing as the “Gold Standard” in testing and in the service we provide. Every result undergoes three separate reviews (triple check) by our PhD toxicologists and certifying scientists before it’s reported. Providing accurate test results is the critical start – but our responsibility only starts there. A PhD toxicologist and a medical liaison are dedicated to work directly with each client to ensure they have the vital background information to give meaning to the results.  Our results reports are easy to use without information overload and delivered with a fast turnaround time.